With minimalism being so trendy nowadays, many Fashionistas and Fashionistos have simply abandoned color altogether. Just like that—boom, gone—color eliminated from our wardrobes. Instead, these Fashionistas/os are sporting a more clean, sleek and modern look, opting for neutrals and muted patterns—if any patterns at all—only. Wearing a completely monochromatic ensemble is considered “on point!” I’ve seen many a Fashionista/o walking down the street clad in an all-black or all-white ensemble. However, amongst all the loyal minimalists out there, there are also those Fashionistas and Fashionitos who’ve been pushing back and taking a stand for color.

While neutrals can lend to a more simplistic and sophisticated look, incorporating some color into your wardrobe can be fun and refreshing. First off, color is a great experimentation tool! You can mix and match different complimentary colors to come up with an eye-catching ensemble, or you can try to figure out the perfect shade of orange that best suits your skin tone. The bottom line is that you can get very creative with colors. Additionally, wearing plenty of color is a surefire way to get noticed in a crowd. If you’re going to be a proper standout Fashionista/o, you should make a bold statement with your outfit. What better way to do that than to pair your new ruby red dress with your favorite purple heels and trusty teal clutch?

With his eye-catching ensemble, this Fashionisto is definitely saying, “Go bright, or go home!” His neon tie-dye T-shirt is a bright and bold statement piece that immediately draws the eyes in. A fun clothing item like this is sure to attract attention. His hair is a second colorful element that requires an even larger applause. On top of its unique cut, its gorgeous indigo color is definitely a showstopper. There is no way this Fashionisto is walking into a room without being noticed.

One thing you should always be weary of when going bold, is to not go overboard. Bold does not equal chaotic. This Fashionisto knew just the right elements to add to offset his bright T-shirt and hair a bit. By pairing the outfit with classics like black denim shorts, aviator sunglasses and a pair of Converse All-Stars this Fashionisto tones down the look just enough, giving it a soft grunge vibe reminiscent of brands like UNIF. I’d say this Fashionisto succeeded in taking a stand for color!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I believe you should never confine yourself to one style or trend. I love to switch it up and to be bold. By doing this, I’m able to keep evolving my style into something new and exciting!”