“If this place is a meat market, you must be the prime rib.” This quirky saying is just one of the many funny and original phrases that you can find on graphic T-shirts just about everywhere. Originally, its safe to say that funny graphic T-shirts were meant for dorky dads at barbecues, but not any more. Throwing on one of these bad boys is an easy way to give your outfit those coveted grunge vibes that you’ve been after.

This Fashionisto rocked his “meat market” graphic T-shirt with a few distressed holes that he made himself to enhance the grunge. With this shirt, he wore a green and black flannel which he tied around his waist, and a pair of cut-off shorts. The shorts were a nice length because they were short enough to show off his RAD sunflower tattoo on his thigh! For sunglasses, he had on a pair of ’70s style circle frames with blue reflective lenses. Last but certainly not least, for shoes he wore a pair of white Converse. All of these pieces are fairly simple, but when you put them together the distressed details really bring it together and give the outfit a retro feeling.

Speaking of simple pieces, generally when something is simple, its also easier to find! you can find graphic T-shirts practically anywhere. This Fashionisto found his at a thrift store! You can look your local thrift stores, mall stores such as Urban Outfitters or even make your own on a website like customink.com! Happy hunting!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pick up a graphic T-shirt and if you want, distress it a little! Make a few holes, cut off the sleeves, whatever you want to make it your own.”