Classic, chic, edgy, bohemian, preppy, punk, mod, glam, gothic; I can go on like this for days. The truth is fashion can be a bit overwhelming at times. Some Fashionistas know right where they fit, others might fall into multiple categories and then, of course, there are some that have no clue. Fashion is what the market has to offer, style is what you choose for yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to pick one style and stick to it. Most people are inspired by multiple styles and by blending those styles they develop a personal style. It’s all about following your instincts and wearing what makes you feel like the best version of you.

This week’s Fashionista carried herself with such confidence that she could have stood out in a burlap bag. What she wore was far from burlap, rocking a leather dress, tights, socks and flats. Her fashion forward decision to pair crew socks with flats is what really got my attention. I knew right away this was the mark of someone who is not afraid to experiment. Leather and studded details give this look an edgy feel that is topped off with a stylish fauxhawk and plum lip. Bold pairings like these on a confident woman is force to be reckoned with.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “­­­­Don’t let the world’s norms stop you from being you. If you think you look rockin’ in black lipstick, wear that black lipstick!  If something makes you feel beautiful then that’s the most important thing.”