As I look at fashion trends going in to the new year, it is clear to see that the ‘Oh so popular’ grunge style has definitely made a come back! This style is not just a thing of the ’90s, it is a big crowd pleaser among college Fashionistas/os. Grunge style is derived from a movement in rock music, and in fashion it is characterized as unkempt clothing made up of dark colors, flannels and T-shirts. Although it has been known for it’s slimy reputation, this Fashionista has clearly made a statement that is a thing of the past.

With the cooler weather, this Fashioinista has amped up her style by going all out with the grunge look by adding a beanie, hooded flannel, dark graphic T-shirt and biker boots. She has made black and dark blues the base element of her outfit to give her style the authentic ’90s look and overall depth. One of the major things that caught my attention was that she kept the style true, all the way down to her gloves—which were fingerless!  Her few simple pieces all came together to create one ultimate grunge look.

As I talked more with this Fashionista, she mentioned how manageable it is to wear this look in the winter because the easiest thing to do is layer up the outfit! Under her thick, warm flannel she had a soft graphic T-shirt on with another layer underneath. It’s also easy to stay warm by adding boots with thick socks. The world may never know you have all these extra layers, and they are truly making a difference to your warmth without making a difference to your style!

Overall, if you are trying to create an effortless look, then the grunge style is for you. All you need are some key basic elements to achieve this stylish and quality look!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This look is all about vintage and not about the price. Don’t be afraid to dig and find unique pieces in rare places—such as your local thrift shop!”