Once upon a time (roughly three months ago), a certain gal pal power duo bestowed upon the world a music video so full of fierceness that it would serve as many a Instagram #WCW posts and influence urban, sportswear style in a major way. But really, who else could pull off jersey dresses layered with pastel faux furs other than Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj? The whole video features music’s top femme fatales donning some serious fearless wardrobe combinations, all with an element of sportswear influence. Athleisure style is big right now, especially with all the recent celebrity collaborations with top sportswear brands including Nike and adidas.

The great thing about creating sportswear-inspired look is that it really only takes one or two elements to bring the outfit together. Nothing quite fits the bill as with so much ease as a sports jersey. This Fashionisto’s jersey might not be repping a sports team, but he scores some serious style points with the fun graphic tank. By pairing the mesh jersey tank top with slim fit denim shorts, the look is elevated from gym wear to a street style look sure to turn heads. Of course, shoe game takes precedence when going for an athleisure vibe. Nothing is more classic than a crisp black and white Nike sneaker to give your ensemble that sporty feel. When going for a sportswear look, it’s important to focus on balancing the elements that give you an “I just got done working out” look, with pieces that elevate them to a more fashionable level. Fashionistos, you must remember that sportswear is not an excuse to grab that wrinkled T-shirt you wore to the gym last week off the ground and head out the door. Pulling off this look isn’t difficult, but you have to incorporate the right pieces. This Fashionisto keeps things simple, but every part of his outfit comes together to create a sporty, urban vibe that looks casual and on trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I just wear what I feel good in. If you feel good, you can pull of anything whether it’s a casual look like this or something more daring.”