Well folks, winter is finally here. It played games with us for a while throughout November and December, bringing about light snows and 40 degree days. But as soon as January hit, it was here for good. Now we are dealing with temperatures below 20 degrees and winds strong enough to blow you over. Though the wind chill is tough to deal with, the real challenge is staying warm and looking cute simultaneously. The two of those do not usually go hand in hand but there is one piece of clothing that helps us pull this off: a sweater.

Sweaters, thankfully, are very much in style right now. Their thick knit composition helps trap the heat to keep you both cozy and stylish. This Fashionista’s sweater is perfect for the 17-degree weather that we both endured while taking this picture. Her pink fuzzy sweater was perfect for the freezing weather conditions and for looking adorable. The cropped style of the sweater complements her black high-waisted skinny jeans perfectly. This Fashionista sports an adorable pair of black boots that are ideal for trekking to and from class through the inevitable ice and snow. She then finishes off her look with accents of gold. Her small gold pendant layers wonderfully with her shorter chain necklaces and the hoop earrings that she wears are perfect complements to them. This Fashionista shows that it is absolutely possible to look amazing and feel cozy at the same time.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear lots of layers! It is freezing right now, so be sure to bundle up!”