Whether you are a fan of the sport or not you have probably heard about the United States women’s soccer team’s triumphs through the World Cup or Lionel Messi and Argentina tearing things up in the Copa America. It is undeniable that soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. With all the excitement and play happening above and below us, it’s time that we pay some attention and take a look at the sleek apparel the sport has to offer us.

Whether for men or women, most of the apparel comes in array of different colors and styles, but the common characteristic that all pieces share is that everything is very well fitted. From the well-known adidas pants and short shorts to the authentic player jerseys, nothing is baggy and billowy, but rather slim and flattering. Not only is the fit of soccer apparel great, it is also very comfortable for warm weather. Most garments are made of Dri-Fit or some type of moisture absorbing material that helps keep you dry and comfortable when doing physical activity. So along with looking athletic and fit, you are able to go straight from the streets to the gym without even having to change. The versatility is unparalleled!

This Fashionisto sports a long sleeve adidas Colombia jersey with the personalization of Colombia superstar James Rodriguez to represent his passion for the South American powerhouse currently thriving in the Copa America. Though it may seem too warm to be wearing a long sleeve in the summer, the ClimaCool/AdiZero technology ensures that his body remains at a comfortable temperature. He also dons the famous Adidas pants that almost everyone owns for their lazy days on the town. The great thing about these pants are that they can be worn with just a T-shirt and a beat pair of sneakers or with a whole athletic outfit and still be acceptable and very comfortable. Lastly, this Fashionisto is sporting some of the most up to date soccer technology created by Nike. The Nike Elastico Superfly uses the light and breathable Flyknit technology. These shoes present a sleek look and comfortable feel whether on or off the field.

Whether you are in the stands going ballistic while cheering for your favorite team or just out and about with your friends and going for an athletic look, soccer apparel is the way to go. From the multiple countries and club teams around the world, it is hard to not find a team whose apparel aesthetically appeals to you. It’s the best at showing off your figure without showing too much. Not only is soccer gear stylish, but comfortable as well with superb quality.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With all the huge events currently going on in the soccer world, it would not be a bad time to invest in and wear some soccer apparel due to its unmatched comfort, versatility, and style that it could bring to a wardrobe.”