Winter can be seen as the best time of the year, or the worst. Of course, everyone would rather be sitting on the beach getting an insane tan, but come on, we all know winter fashion is so much more fun! In the summer a tank top and jean shorts is all you need, but in the winter it’s all about the layers, boots, bag and of course your coat or vest of choice.This Fashionista’s go-to look is a fur vest.

A fur vest is comfortable, warm and extremely trendy. It is also very versatile; you can wear it to a fun family brunch or a night out with all your friends at your favorite bar. The best part about the fur vest? They come in all colors and textures! Nothing feels better than practically wearing a blanket on your body! I found this Fashionista rocking her fur vest before going out to lunch with her friends.

When pairing your fur vest with a layer underneath it there are many ways to go. You can go with the casual sweater if you just want a comfy look or you can dress it up for a more formal look like this Fashionista did with a long sleeve lace-up shirt. Now, the next important part is what bottoms to style the vest with. If you’re going with the trendy approach try pairing the vest with ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are this season’s ‘it’ pants and will match perfectly with your fur vest. This Fashionista got it right with medium washed ripped jeans.

No outfit would be complete without a trendy bag to carry important things like gum and phone chargers! Do you need a large tote for shopping around SoHo or a small clutch for going out at night? Also, if you want to spice up your outfit and give it a little something extra, fringe bags are the latest trend that completes every outfit with that stand out quality. This Fashionista rocks a light brown fringe bag and is perfect for her lunch occasion.

Finally, the most important part, how do you pick that perfect fur vest to complete your look? Neutral colors are a good choice that  match everything including brown, beige and black. The light brown fur vest the Fashionista is wearing is able to match with any bottoms! Last but not least, make sure to feel the texture of the vest because when you find that perfect soft texture you will never go back to a regular cloth or cotton vest again!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My favorite part about fur vests is you can dress it up with heels for dinner or dress it down with slip on’s or boots for a casual day.”