As most people know by now—it’s freezing out! So, make like a cat and throw some fur on! If you haven’t made your way to the CollegeFashionista home page yet, the page is filled with fur. I guess the cold weather is good for something after all. Fur is never going out of style, and is one of this winter’s must-haves. Don’t worry PETA, most people these days living on a student budget are buying faux fur.

The fur trend is one of my favorites. It’s a trend that can be styled and worn by everyone. The texture and color of fur can easily make a look stand out without putting in too much effort. Fur is a fashion trend that can easily be adopted by nearly everyone. It’s not just fur jackets and vests that I’m talking about. I’ve seen a range of fur clothing items from boots to mittens and hats. I mean honestly, the cold winter is going to make everyone want to wear fur. It’s super warm and naturally fashionable. This season I’ve mainly seen a lot of fur vests and jackets, however, the trend can also be more simply incorporated into a look. Today’s Fashionista, fur enthusiast tastefully styled her outfit wearing a long down coat with a fur lined hood. Though the fur is not the focal point of her ensemble, it certainly keeps the look playful and very cozy looking.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of how fur can be worn in different ways. As you have seen on the homepage, everyone is wearing fur right now, so why not choose to style it in your own unique way.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be ‘a-fur-aid’ of throwing in some fur into your winter wardrobe. Trust me when I say you’ll be much warmer and most importantly, much more stylish!”