The number one trend I’ve noticed this winter is anything covered in fur. Whether it be a vest, coat or even boots, it’s definitely a big trend this year.

This trend makes me think of the early-1900s, where all the women were dressed to the nines with their fur hats and muffs. It was more popular to wear real fur, though, which isn’t a big seller in our generation, but faux has now become a part of all different styles. Vest are the most popular article of fur clothing that I’ve seen, especially here in Florida, where it rarely gets cold enough to need anything more than that. Pair this trend with your favorite chunky sweater and leggings and you’ve got a great cozy winter outfit.

Looking at this Fashionista, you can see why this trend graced us again with its presence. Although she isn’t wearing a sweater, this oversized, black fur vest was the perfect source of warmth! She combines it with these awesome high-waisted mustard colored pants and short black boots. Bold accessories like her necklace, similar here, always help tie an outfit together. And, of course, red lipsred lips forever. I believe this trend is so popular because it adds a statement to any outfit and is different than just your typical scarf or jacket. I sure hope fur makes a comeback next year. If I was wearing this vest, I would want to hug me, too.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be bold! Wear that trend that others may be too afraid they won’t rock as well as you.”