So, we called the ’70s, and we told them we’re dying to have their pants. They’re comfortable, eye-catching and a great conversation starter! These bell-bottom cotton pants, nicknamed “fun pants,” have been making a huge comeback, and with all the available colors and patterns who wouldn’t want to include them in their wardrobe?

Today, it seems as if most new trends are just revamped trends from previous eras. We all know it’s true, and I’m definitely okay with it! Not going to lie, ever since I was a little girl looking at pictures of my mom rocking denim bell-bottoms in the ’70s, I’ve always wanted an excuse to own a pair. Now, it’s totally acceptable, encouraged and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

The bell-bottom pant started in the ’60s and ’70s. They were worn by go-go dancers, took on a role in the hippie counter-culture movement, and have recently re-appeared in trendy, bohemian boutiques across the country. Said to represent the outlandish and colorful style of the ’70s, these pants are doing the same now, especially during the summer which is everyone’s favorite fashion season–music festival season!

Alongside fringe and platform shoes, these pants have moved from decade to decade and hopefully, they’re here to stay. The bold patterns and tight fit make every event fun and flirty, just as their nickname suggests. Whether the fun pants are tribal, paisley or just plain funky, these pants make the perfect outfit for any event.

If you need help finding ideas on how to style these pants without overwhelming whoever looks at you, check out this Fashionista’s outfit! She’s paired these pants with a simple white top from Hollister, making it so that her pants are the star of the show. With a bold piece like this, it’s crucial to wear neutral or solid colors so that the pants remain the main element. If you’re an accessory lover, try pairing this look with some simple piece—maybe a statement necklace, bangles and midi rings. This Fashionista’s flowy white top counters the tight fit of the pants, and her neutral colored sandals and cute rings keep the look cute, flirty and casual.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think fun pants are the perfect to stay stylish while staying comfortable. You can either keep it casual or dress it up with a statement necklace and other jewelry.”