When the weather gets cold, it’s hard to leave for class dressed cute when you could be cuddling inside in your sweats and slippers. If you go to school in the Midwest, you know the start of January has been nothing above 20 degrees on a good day. Take some style advice this cold season from this Fashionista and rock a simple yet warm look with a funky faux fur scarf. Fur is always a staple for the fall and winter season, and this year it’s no different. The 2014 fall Fashion Week street style was booming with fur jackets and fur accessories in all shapes and colors. From emerald green to bright red, the fur piece is back and ready for us Fashionistas to rock it too. If you’re feeling extra funky, try this unique multi-colored fur patchwork vest from ASOS. This neon twist on a traditional look brings a new level of fur trend that has been evolving lately.

My favorite thing about fur is the ability to add it to any style for a more contemporary feel. Basically any outfit trend you are feeling; grunge, boho, etc. can have fur added for texture and layers as well as a warmer and classic look. This Fashionsta had on just a flannel and snow boots gearing up for the freezing winds, but after she threw on her fur scarf, a new look was made. If you are looking for the classic faux fur scarf just like hers, Anthropologie has it waiting for you. If you want a little more color, Nordstrom has this traditional scarf in teal. Whatever way you want to wear fur, just know this season the trend has come to save our lives by not only being a gorgeous addition to an outfit, but also by keeping us warm for this winter’s snow apocalypse.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to try something different. It sounds silly, but when I think I can’t pull something off, like fur for example, I have to make myself try it out and then usually I’ll end up loving it. Now, I want a fur scarf in all colors, like neon!”