With cold weather and gray days, we tend to see a lot of muted color pallets out there in the fashion world. However, the other day marked the return of the sun in New York City. And with these radiating beams came a motley mix of colors and patterns, bringing some light back into the eclectic streets of New York City.

This Fashionista perfectly exemplifies the idea of playing with some warmer weather patterns and colors in the midst of winter. She still acknowledges the fact that it is below forty degrees outside, as she dons a neutral colored, suede coat, trimmed with fur. However, the beautiful, vintage piece underneath her cozy coat remains the most eye-catching element of this Fashionista’s look.

What initially looks like a floral dress, is actually a matching two-piece outfit, consisting of a long skirt which falls just below this Fashionista’s knees and a three-quarter-sleeve top. This vintage inspired look has natural hues, some bright colors and a funky floral pattern to make a bit of a statement. The deep maroon in the background of the pattern juxtaposes the bright orange, yellow and light blue flowers which detail this two-piece garb. The mix of colors makes it perfectly appropriate to wear on a “warm” winter day, as there is an element of the spring season that is subtle, yet still eye-catching.

To pull the entire outfit together, this Fashionista adds some pink tights and tan, leather booties to her look. The tights allow her to cover up a bit more, so that she won’t be too chilly in the brisk, winter weather.

So, although the temperatures may still be in the thirties, we don’t have to stick to the “all-black everything” look on a daily basis. Although that is definitely a good look to go for, sometimes, some extra color or fun floral patterns can help us leave those winter blues behind. When the sun is shining, don’t be afraid to branch out a bit and sport that spring vibe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Floral prints always add some excitement to an outfit. When the weather is nice, add some of these patterns into your look to perfectly transition between seasons.”