Spring is coming with its sunny skies and blooming flowers where Fashionistas begin to say “adios” to their favorite rain boots, knit scarves and puffy sweaters. But before stashing all that winter wear away, this Fashionista is casually letting her coat out one last time.

This Fashionista’s style is a mixture of inventive and simplistic chic with her long wool blend coat expressing exceptional features. Deep pockets, a trendy single button and a Mandarin collar characterize it all. The single button is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional, by permitting effective layering without feeling tight in areas where your biggest fear is breaking the seam. The Mandarin collar provides more space to wear scarves, jewelry or collared blouses without feeling congested. Depending on your styling combination, you can enhance your look with this coat and make it suitable for all occasions throughout the year!

The foundation for this specific casual outfit is created by wearing a black knee length skirt and matching leggings topped with an adjustable longline side split top, which she fashioned through a tying-the-knot detail for a better outfit dynamic complementing other lengthy features. The green plaid flannel, accessorized with a long gold chain necklace, gives life to the outfit’s gray palette through its welcoming natural color. Completing her look, she wears her Timberland boots over her knitted gray socks unifying the outfit’s pieces from head to toe.

Full of wool and knits alike, this Fashionista’s fashion sense possesses confidence and comfort blending together favorite seasonal elements from her outer coat to boots. Her style incorporates pieces at great lengths as she exercises her keen eye for layering material and pattern to create this perfect end of the season ensemble. With this trendy inspiration, why wouldn’t you go out and give your coat one last try?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with layers!”