There is no better feeling than wearing a great outfit that just screams, “Thank God it’s Friday”. A typical Friday on Hampton University’s campus consists of fashion, fun and music to welcome in the much needed weekends. The traditional Friday afternoon 12-2 activity hour is what actually solidified my decision in attending my Home By the Sea. During my first ever campus tour, our group walked in on students dancing throughout the student center atrium with their fitted blazers, high heels and overall captivating ensembles. It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since my initial encounter with the now very nostalgic event, but those fashionable statement pieces can still be seen till this very day.

Of course, there has been a change in fashion trends within these last five years ago, but nothing has changed about Hampton University being a fashion forward institution. I caught up with one Fashionista during 12-2 whose ensemble stood out in a room full of knee-high boots and wool brimmed hats. She sported a blue midi dress, black socks and black laced boots. She then completed her look with a black fringed leather jacket over top of her dress. This leather jacket was unlike the many lifeless ones floating around campus. This particular jacket had fringe details on the front, back and underneath the arms.

Got to love a look with contrast. Her outfit is a great cross between flirty, girly and edgy. The dress promotes classiness while the leather jacket says bad girl. This ensemble can also be worn as a multipurpose look for when you come from class to activity hour to a night out in the town. To adopt this look, sport your favorite bodycon midi with a edgy leather jacket full of fringe detailing. If you really want to binge on fringe accessorize with a fringed leather bag, just as this Fashionista did. Now, go get edgy with a fringe binge for spring 2015!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try pairing a simple midi dress with a jacket that’s more on the edgy side to make your outfit more visually interesting.”