Fashion is great because typically when we think of it, images of Met Galas and countless runway shows dance through our heads. And sometimes we start to freak out, because how the heck are we supposed to live our lives with long dress trains following us all day or a ridiculously large sleeve impeding our ability to move? But then we take a deep breath and remember that fashion comes in millions of different forms. It ranges from a simplistic taste to the most lavish of the lavish.

This Fashionista allows us to take that deep breath. Her white linen top and boyfriend jeans radiate calm and collectedness. Paired with black flats, she has added a feminine touch to her look. I ask her about her accessories. She, too, is a FitBit wearer, and mentions that even though it’s a hard accessory to wear with every outfit, she believes that health and wellbeing in itself is a part of her style, and so she incorporates it as much as possible. Her red bracelet adds a pop of color to her outfit. As she displays, accessories are really an opportunity to add fun to an outfit. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you can load up on accessories or keep it minimal. Her watch is a piece that she loves because it can be worn with many different outfits and has an interchangeable band, allowing for even more opportunities. Her necklace, also a favorite, is a piece that she can wear with all of her outfits and is especially unique for her because it is her monogram. None of her accessories are the main attractions of her outfit, but bring together the outfit as a whole. Her whole look is one of effortlessness. It is perfect for feeling comfortable and looking great.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always have some pieces that are staples in your wardrobe. They can be used in many different outfits, and by adding accessories you can constantly change their look.”