Here in La La Land, Coachella preparation has already begun. The Fashionistas and Fashionistos of FIDM already have that certain “vibe” about them. Not only is the music and arts festival a hot spot for celebrity citing, but also for the ah-mazing fashion scene. The runway shows for spring 2015 perfectly set the stage for the festival style that is yet to come. Festival-goers near and far, rejoice! Fringe is one of the upcoming season’s hottest and easily adaptable trends.

Her sweater was blowing in the breeze and the fringe was flowing with every step. When I saw her I knew. You know that stereotypical bohemian princess we all strive to capture in one way or another? Well, this Fashionista nailed it, and gracefully may I add. Her deep grey tunic dress, faux suede booties and sweater created the perfect grey scale, and the crystal hanging around her neck was the perfect accessory to complete her look. Her authentic and charming style proves that ‘70s fashion influence is alive and well.

To test the waters, fringe experienced its first debut on the fall 2014 runways. This spring fringe is expected to be a major front runner for a mega trend making its way into many retailers. In more ways than one, the dreamy free-spirited vibe of the ‘70s is capturing the fashion world (and me!). So, you want to be a bohemian princess too? Step one: look to major ‘70s fashion icons (Stevie Nicks, you romantically tortured soul). Step two: look for classically free-flowing silhouettes and prints typically seen on a flower-child. Step three: infuse your personal style into which ever outfit you choose. You’ll be groovy, baby.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “There truly is no right or wrong way when it comes to personal style; you do you and I’ll do me!”