There’s a trend that has been sweeping the campus lately, and I am completely happy to have around. The bohemian edge look of flowing tops has always been one of my personal favorites. In my opinion, a perfect world consists of long, draping fabrics and completed with scarves and knee-high boots. How dreamy.

When it comes to creating the perfect oversized thermals or knits, it would be silly to deny Free People the first place trophy. They know exactly how to execute this look in a hundred different ways. If you find yourself staring at what everyone is wearing like I do, you have probably seen this beautiful thermal around. This Fashionista knows what’s up. The gray tone is one of my new faves. I’ve seen it in ice blue, black, pink, navy and even stripes. Did I mention I have seen it in all of these colors and patterns just on campus? “We The Free Sunset Park Thermal” for class favorite!

The best aspects of this style are in the layering. Adding pops of color through scarves and accessories really brings out the look. The neutral thermal is a great background for a bright scarf. I also loved how she included the brown boots with the other neutral colors like black and gray. I am a sucker for brown boots any day of the week, especially when I’m trekking to class. She’s got it down to perfection. A+ to this Fashionista.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Embrace the flowing T-shirts while you can! Soon it will be too hot for long sleeve shirts and scarves! Enjoy it while it lasts.”