For the month of February, the weather has been pretty warm in Houston. Instead of sticking with the cooler winter shades, this Fashionista went against the norm and brought back the pastel colors.

Kimono sweaters and prints have emerged as a popular trend within the fashion world. They have really managed to bring attention to a simple outfit. Using pastel colors as a base and choosing a print to clash with the soft hues creates a unique look. Keeping this in mind, this Fashionista looked very trendy in her sweet, chic outfit. She further enhanced her look by choosing a flower print that matched her loving personality. I loved her use of the black, flower-printed kimono to cover the simple top and jeans she had used as a base. Matching the pink, pastel jeans to the little bursts of rosy flowers found on the kimono kept the ensemble well rounded. Topping off the outfit with a matching salmon-colored Kendra Scott necklace and light beige flats kept this look simple yet classy.

Pastel colors are a great trend to take underhand and try out. The soft colors make it easy to pair outfits with a crazy, fun print that show of your personal style, like this Fashionista did with her floral kimono. This allows someone to create a natural look in half the time. Not only is it easy, but the simple complementary colors and vibrant designs leave you feeling sophisticated and stylish.

Style Advice of the Week: “Playing with patterns and soft, basic colors leaves so many opportunities to express your personal style. So when you’re short on time, these trends will give you a flawless, effortless look.”

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