Actually it’s summer, so florals all around (sorry, Miranda Priestly). As you may have deduced from my prior articles, I do not particularly care for florals. They certainly have their rightful place come summertime, and I’m not saying to purge your wardrobes of this staple piece. I’m just saying that they can feel played out, especially when you line them all up in your closet only to realize you have a field of wildflowers in your walk-in. That visual sounds nicer than the reality though; the reality is that your closet is begging for a little more diversity.

But the sunflower is different. And if you’re going to invest in a new floral, make it this one because I don’t think there’s a more perfect summer print than the sunflower (and who doesn’t love sunflowers, am I right?). This Fashionisto executes the trend well by making it the focal point of the outfit and keeping the other pieces simple.

Fashionistos, to recreate this look start with this sunflower button-down shirt from Urban Outfitters, swap out your jeans this summer for a pair of joggers, replace your canvas Vans with their leather counterpart and bring the look together with a pair of Clubmaster sunglasses from Ray-Ban. I like this pair here—it’s a small attention to detail that can make all the difference.

And for you Fashionistas, translate his look with a fun romper, grab a pair of perforated leather slip-ons and Clubmasters and voila. You have your new go-to summer look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You don’t need all new pieces for a ‘new look,’ just try something styled differently or something you wouldn’t normally wear and make it your own.”