STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Florals and Earth Tones

When you live in a city with humid sub-tropical weather like Hong Kong, looking classy while keeping it cool can be quite a challenge. However, this Fashionista strolling in the mall nailed it by keeping it breezy yet classy with a sleeveless floral top and neutral colors in the rest of her outfit.

The bright red and violet shades in this Fashionista’s top not only catch your attention, but the vibrant colors also scream summer. Her fuchsia lipstick plays well with the warm tones in her top, making the colors pop even more. The florals in her top are big and bold, adding to her look a vintage glamour that smaller, cutesy florals usually do not give off.

The Fashionista balances her loud floral top out with white denim jeans and earth-toned accessories. One of the many good things about white denim jeans is that it always looks clean and crisp, helping you look more put together. Another huge perk about wearing white denim is that it reflects light, which keeps you cool during the hot summer days. Personally, my favorite thing about her denim jeans is the rip in the knees. It gives her classy ensemble a little more edge and personality.

The sense of timelessness in this Fashionista’s look continues onto her accessories. The Fashionista’s watch is from the Ralph Lauren Stirrup Collection, and her nude-colored cross-body bag is from Coach. Both of these accessories can be used for a very long time, not simply because they are durable and high in quality, but also because they are extremely versatile. These accessories can undoubtedly go with any outfit and add class to any look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always gravitate towards earth-toned pieces. They’re elegant and they match with everything. You know you’ll never regret buying something in these shades.”