STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Floral Patterns That Are Your BFF

Floral! Floral! Floral! I am not one to really pay much attention to the floral trend sweeping through the summer. I enjoy occasional floral designs as long as they do not look like a giant splash of flowers on a piece of fabric. I am very particular about the color and type of flower. I like to say that less is more. I felt that way with these particular pair of shorts. Instead of looking too animated and a representation of plastic flowers, these shorts emulated actual real floral designs. The green/gray color adds a good simple background color to the flowers that reminds me of the color of grass mixing with earthy rocks. It brings a Hawaiian theme to my mind. The flowers look very real as if you can go up to them and pick them up.

All the stores are flocking with shelves of floral clothing pieces. From men’s fashion, as our Fashionisto has shown, to the women’s section showing how no matter what gender you are, anyone can rock a floral piece. It can be from simple floral shorts, a dress or a T-shirt. By pairing up the floral with a contrasting color, this adds more character to the outfit. It allows the floral to be dressed up for a more slick and night look, or it could be dressed down for a more casual appearance.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Go for the polo whenever you can. For the warm season, keep the shorts short. For guys who like flowers, like flowers.”