As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it can be an awkward style transition into spring. While there is still a solid month of winter left, I can see hints of spring popping up all over my campus. There’s floral print dress here and a flowing skirt there. I think one of the easiest and cutest ways to transition into spring is by simply topping off an outfit with a floppy hat.

You really can’t hate anything about a giant floppy hat. It goes with anything and everything, can be dressed up or down and is generally just a really rad and fun item to have in your closet. Headwear trends seem to come and go easily, but it seems like yet again, floppy hats are here to stay.

The trendy, fun and casual vibes of this Fashionista’s outfit hint that this is THE outfit to wear during a busy week at school. It’s the kind of outfit that screams “this is girlie, but I’m not uncomfortable.” What makes all of this possible is her giant floppy hat. When paired with a comfy sweater layered over a flirty, floral skirt, cozy black leggings and heeled booties, the outfit is playful yet down to earth.

Typically when we think of giant floppy hats, we envision women with giant neon hats at a Kentucky derby. Wearing a floppy hat can feel complicated, even crazy and over the top. But in reality, it’s not a trend we should fear. All it really takes is coordinating with similar colors, keeping accessorizing to a minimum, and finding a hat that suits your personal style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just keep things simple! I think that pulling off a floppy hat can be easily achieved; you just have to keep every other item that you wear as casual and as simple as possible.”