Not too long ago I pushed aside my horrible fear of flying to jet off to somewhere warm, and now I’m reporting from Mexico! Let me tell you, the south is extremely hot in the summer; it’s hot and humid. I know, I know, it should be pretty obvious, but after living in a chilly place for the last two years I’ve completely lost my heat tolerance. Let’s just say it’s going to take some getting used to. Naturally, this supernatural heat means the sense of fashion and the current style around me has changed quite dramatically. While my personal style has decreased to a puddle of sweat and the smallest thing I can put on my body, others who have been here longer (or just know how to handle themselves) fare much better.

Ironically, the first Fashionista I found just happens to hail from Scotland herself, but has been living in Mexico long enough to cast aside notions of gale winds and freezing lochs to embrace the sun and sand. For the summer season, bohemian style flooded the catwalk, and this Fashionista is embracing this trend by wearing a beautiful floral dress that is perfect for keeping her cool in more ways than one! To accompany the dress, she has chosen a long, bright necklace that adds a bit more of that beachy boho vibe and a black butterfly clip that will keep her hair up in the extreme heat while adding a simple detail. Overall, it can be deduced that this Fashionista really knows how to survive a Mexican summer!

Floral is a print that has endured the test of time and luckily for our wallets, often comes back around to accommodate vintage prints. The vintage and bohemian appeal of floral means that if you go rooting around in your mother’s closet you’re likely to find something just perfect for this trend. Just in case you can’t, here are a few options from River Island and Free People. The best thing about this trend is almost anyone can pull it off in any way. Sticking to the feeling of the season, I highly recommend a dress with a nice, flowing skirt!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s always good to think about what you’re wearing in relation to day and night because you never know what you might be doing!”