Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with every single new fashion trend. Luckily, most of us probably already have this one somewhere in our closet! Floral prints are HUGE this summer, and this Fashionista is definitely doing it right. Not only does floral scream summer, but it makes any outfit feminine and exciting. Whether you’re going to a festival, on a date, hanging out with the girls or just going to class, this print will stand out and be the perfect fit.

The versatility of the print is what has made it so popular this season. I think girls our age like to try out different looks, and floral can be feminine, yet also bohemian. It looks good on everyone and looks great in every color. With so many different options, you can create multiple different outfits, and you can also buy multiple floral pieces without feeling repetitive.

This Fashionista chose the perfect way to wear floral on this hot summer day. The bright color of her top puts everyone else around her in a good mood. The print stands out beautifully without being too much for the eyes. This makes it easy to accessorize which she did perfectly with her gold necklace and bracelet (which matched the color of her top seamlessly). The white skirt helps the white flowers on the top to really pop, and the sandals give off that easy, breezy summer vibe. So now that you’ve seen her look, aren’t you interested to hear her style tips for florals?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Floral is a pattern that can either be really casual or really fancy, depending on what you match it with. Try things on with it that you normally wouldn’t try!”