STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Flirtatiously Floral

Floral is all the rage recently. Flower crowns, floral print clothing and even floral patterned lace! That is exactly why this Fashionista stood out to me! This season, flowers are everywhere. And not just because it’s summertime!

This Fashionista styled her floral dress perfectly. She got her dress at Forever 21, one of the best stores to get tons of fashionable pieces for just a few dollars. It features an adorable collar. However, if collars aren’t your thing, this one from Forever 21 is very similar and equally as cute! It also features an airy open back for those hot summer days!

This Fashionista is a master of accessories! They all are used to tie the entire look together. Her light brown leather purse is perfect because it ties in the natural element and simplicity of both flowers and leather. The purse is not extremely structured, which helps to create an even stronger instance of simplicity and nature. Her sunglasses are also extremely classic and simple. The aviator-style sunglasses are readily available to protect your eyes from sun damage! This Fashionista’s golden colored jewelry helps to tie in the yellow-gold coloring of the dress. Lastly, this Fashionista chose the perfect sandals to complete her look, which is perfect from head to toe! Once again, her color coordination is perfect. The black coloring of her shoes helps to bring out the black center of the daisies on her dress.

So, the next time you pick out your favorite floral dress, keep this Fashionista in mind! Choose simple and natural accessories. Take colors from your chosen floral print and use them to pick out your shoes, purse, jewelry and sunglasses! This Fashionista definitely knows her stuff when it comes to flirtatious florals!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice would be to wear what makes you feel confident because your outfit is how you truly express yourself”