STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Flaunting Flannels

“It’s so cute, I just don’t have that kind of money right now.” This is the story of a college Fashionista and Fashionisto’s life. Being able to afford costly clothing on a next-to-nothing salary is challenging for most college students when all of our time and money is spent on classes. “Balling on a budget” is a phrase I like to use when it comes to shopping while being a college student; purchasing clothes and accessories that don’t drain your wallet is essential. The best method I can recall that will keep your wallet nice and plump is thrift shopping.

With trends constantly circling their way back around, thrift shopping makes locating classic pieces effortless and affordable. Since thrift stores base their prices on the idea of second hand selling, items can range anywhere from 25 cents to 10 dollars. Not only is clothing from thrift stores within a college student’s price range, but the pieces they offer are already worn in, making them extremely comfortable for classes!

Among my favorites at thrift stores are flannels. Ranging in an endless variety of styles of plaid, these timeless items can be worn in so many ways: knotted around the waist for a tomboyish effect, buttoned all the way up with a peaking collar underneath a sweater, unbuttoned all the way down to show off a graphic tee or even tied around the shoulders for a grungy ’90s look.

This Fashionista was killing the game with her thrifted red and green toned flannel, paired with simple black jeans and Chelsea boots. Her take on this flannel gave her outfit a traditional feel while allowing her cozy flannel to be a seasonal transition piece. Cuffing her jeans at the bottom stays consistent with this english-esque collegiate swag that she is sporting, and her elegant necklace adds a touch of femininity to a more tailored outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Flannels, flannels and more flannels! Experiment with all the diverse ways you can rock them! These pieces can change the vibe of any look.”