STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Flashback To The '90s

The ‘90s are creeping their way back into everyday street style. Crop tops, overalls and simple chokers are popping up everywhere. To say it simpler, Clueless has come full circle to becoming the fashion movie inspiration for this generation. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t Cher or Tai to be their fashion inspiration?

Thinking about this generation of style reminds me of TLC’s “Hat 2 Da Back” music video. The baggy coats layered with flannels and beanies on their heads grew to be the inspiration for everyday college students. Let’s not forget the throw back Clueless video Iggy Azalea released in 2014 for her song “Fancy”. Her replication is like a tribute to the iconic effect the movie had on girls growing up during that time. Has this throwback trend inspired you to pull words like ‘fly’ and ‘phat’ back into your vocabulary?

But let’s look back at what made people love crazy, textured, baggy coats. With the coldness of winter and the moisture from the snow, you can never have too many options for a winter coat. This Fashionista’s fuzzy olive green coat is the perfect layer for a sunny winter day. Her pairing it with a pastel beanie was a bold choice. To pull together her ’90s grunge vibe, she adds a classic choker and large hoop earrings. Topping off this fabulous look, this Fashionista chose to pair bright hiking booties with gray and white knit socks, making her look stand out even more. Being unique and quirky is what drove these ‘90s trends back then and will continue to keep them alive.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Fashion is a way to express yourself. Always wear what you like and what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.”