I know it’s summertime and the weather is getting hotter, but if you are anything like me you know that flannels can be worn year-round. Flannels are such classic pieces that can effortlessly pull together any outfit, and that is why they have yet to go out of style.

Since it is not technically summer yet, there are still some days where it is not too hot and also not too cold. These kinds of days are perfect for a nice layered outfit. This way, it makes it easier to be able to dress for a range of weather conditions. Not only that, but layering pieces to make an outfit can create an awesome look that will make a statement.

I might sound crazy, but flannels can work so well for this type of summer outfit. Take any lightweight “flannel” or any button-up really, and throw it over a simple T-shirt dress, or shorts and a tank! This Fashionista did just that. She kept her first layer fairly simple, with just a white halter crop top from H&M and a pair of thrifted, high-waisted cut-off shorts. For shoes, she chose a pair of gray Minnetonka booties and threw a thrifted flannel over top to pull it all together. For accessories, she chose a couple of rings, some aviator sunglasses,and a small black cross-body bag. By keeping her outfit fairly simple and adding the flannel over top, she successfully created a casual and relaxed look appropriate for summertime.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice is to try to stay as comfortable as possible during the summer, while still looking good. I like to wear outfits like this where I have a couple different layers because I tend to have days where I have a lot going on, and it’s helpful to be able to have options throughout the day.”