A flannel is nothing new. Flannels were popular back in the ’70s and again in the ’90s. They have been seen most recently in stores as casual staples over the past few years. But a flannel does not have to be your casual, cozy go-to. Flannels can be used as great accessories to give an outfit something extra, and the same flannel can be worn a number of different ways to create multiple different looks; you could wear flannels for days!

Here, this Fashionista is seen adding some flare to her pant and crop top ensemble by adding a flannel. Her outfit is the perfect combination of feminine and edgy. She shows her feminine side by wearing a lacy crop top, a bedazzled necklace, a soft knit beanie and socks. She reveals her edgy side, rocking leather pants and leather boots. The key to wearing leather on leather here is breaking up the two with the soft knit socks. They are a gray slightly lighter than the rest of the black on her lower half, peeking slightly above the tops of her boots. Her best accessory of all is her flannel!

Her red flannel, complemented by her red lipstick, can be worn in multiple ways. Going out, she can wear her flannel completely unbuttoned, as not to over heat. She can button the bottom two buttons, still letting her crop top be seen, if she feels more comfortable this way. With an oversized flannel, you can wear it hanging off one shoulder or both! My personal favorite though is tied around the waist, the ultimate way of showing your flannel is just an accessory and not your entire outfit! If all of these ideas aren’t enough for you, take it a step further and try a dip-dyed flannel!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to wear things that I feel comfortable and confident in. The leather pants are a step out of my comfort zone and not something I wear on a typical basis, but adding the flannel and statement necklace make it more ‘me.’ Taking risks with your style can be exciting, but you should never feel pressured to try a certain style or trend that you don’t like to fit in. Try new things out, but make it your own and do it to please you!”