STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Find The Fun in Fashion

In my mad closet scavenger hunts for a cute outfit, all too often I find myself putting too much thought into what I’m going to wear—even if I have nowhere to go! I spend so much time getting ready because “this doesn’t go with that” or “that’s too much of this,” and there are several moments when I walk out the door less than satisfied. Know the feeling? Fashion is a form of freedom and expression, so I can’t help but think that in a moment like this, the Joker would ask, “Why so serious?”

Fashionistas, I’ve got a challenge for you: wear something fun! Dress head-to-toe like a rainbow or wear a dress that belongs in an art gallery. Mix and match without hesitation, or take a cue from Rita Ora—she once wore a Spongebob dress, and it was designed by Jeremy Scott for Moschino! Put on your favorite songs, dance around in your closet, and wear what you feel!

Use this Fashionista’s look as a starting point: usually graphic T-shirts are paired with denim or the utmost casual outfits, while tea-length skirts are found under blouses, but she brought the two worlds together. To top it off, she stacked on all of her rings! Plenty of us are guilty of complaining that we don’t have anything to wear while being surrounded by a full wardrobe. It’s easy to exhaust certain outfit ideas after building up a wardrobe throughout high school or college and only adding pieces every now and then, but think of how many outfit combos may have never even occurred to you because you usually match the same pieces together! Have your graphic T-shirts ever met your favorite blazer? Did you forget to introduce your newest flannel to your resident LBD? Do your necklaces even know they aren’t alone? Change can be fun when it’s in your control, and you may surprise yourself with how creative you can be.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Start experimenting with the clothes you already have. Remember those class projects when your teacher chose your partners, and at first you’d get nervous about who your group members would be, but then you got a great group and it ended up being fun? Give your clothes new partners. You have a whole other wardrobe you didn’t even know about.”