You’ve seen it so many times it probably makes your head throb by now. Jackets, bags and skirts galore featured it for fall and spring. In a sea of suede, denim and other ’70s-inspired selections, fringe has basically seen it all at this point. So, how do you still express your adoration for the style and put a modern spin on it? Look no further, ladies and gents. This lovely Fashionista flaunts her fringe in a head-to-toe white ensemble that boldly goes where few Fashionista/os have gone before.

She knows that there’s nothing bolder in the summer than sporting all-over ivory tones. Adding a touch of nostalgia with a fringe sweater tank feels like just the seasonal update this major trend needed. Keeping it decade-consistent, she paired her fringe with the denim staple of the ’70s, flared jeans with a neutral heeled sandal. The key with wearing monochromatic outfits is to break up the look with varied textures, whether it be knits and denim, silk and cotton.

On the accessories front, she grounded her elevated whites with timeless pieces like these black sunglasses and iconic Stella McCartney chainlink tote. No matter what look you’re going for on a particular day, it’s those few staple items like your bag, bracelet or boot that keep your style consistent and true to your personality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about incorporating trends into my wardrobe, but at the end of the day it’s all about how you wear it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?We follow trends because we like to, not because we have to—always pair a trendy item (like this fringed sleeveless sweater) with a timeless item (like these white flare jeans and nude sandals) for a balanced look.