Blue, especially a bright blue, can often feel like an intimidating color to wear and style correctly. Everyone knows the feeling—that bright blue shirt you loved in the store suddenly seems like a huge burden to match and downright scary to walk out in. But fear blue no more! With the right accessories and color combinations, blue can be your best friend and a great way to take a fashion risk in a minimal way.

This Fashionista rocks her bright blue shirt in the most perfect way. The shirt itself fits her figure perfectly, while flaring out at the bottom in a way that makes it classy and office friendly. The fabric is light and airy for the summer, and the metallic details such as the pocket buttons and zipper stand out against the blue and draw the eye to them in a subtle manner. She pairs this shirt with basic white shorts, which is often the best color pair for blue especially in the summer. Her accessories further craft the outfit, with her large beige bag add a level of professionalism while also providing function. Her shoes have both metallic and snakeskin pattern detail, which add an extra element of style to her outfit. She rounds it out with a monogram necklace, which draws the eye to her neckline and, when it catches the sun in the right way, makes the outfit sparkle!

Blue can be scary, but it’s a great color choice so don’t let it intimidate you! When in doubt, stick to black or white pants. White pants make the blue pop more, but black pants are more versatile and appropriate for winter. And if the idea of a blue shirt still throws you off, stick to a blue dress and silver accessories! It’s simple, easy and on-trend!

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always buy clothes that you feel good in, not just because they’re trendy!”