Knock-offs and processed cheese; no one chooses a fake when they can have the real thing. But when it comes fluffy, warm, beautiful fur, faux is the way to go! There is no need to jeopardize life’s most adorable creatures when faux fur looks just as realistic and chic and is usually way more affordable.

Though faux fur may seem like a thing of the past or something that your grandmother might have worn, this Fashionista shows us that this bold trend is back and as stylish as ever. By wearing a touch of fur with her monochromatic outfit, this Fashionista provides us with a subtle reintroduction to the trend. Faux fur is the perfect accessory for the cold weather, especially here in the northeast.

Wearing almost all black, this Fashionista’s knee-high boots and fur compliment one another, making the grey in the outfit pop – which is difficult to do with a neutral color like grey! Throw on some statement jewelry as this Fashionista does and you’ve got yourself a timeless and eye-catching look that is both vintage and new-age. There is nothing wrong with being a conservative and wearing something that isn’t 100 percent real, but when you’re protecting the world’s cuddliest animals, you are guaranteed to turn heads. Plus, faux anything won’t ever break the bank! Which is definitely something all college Fashionistas love to hear.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Faux fur is a statement piece so be fearful and fabulous. Always remember, if you can’t hold your head high when it comes to your outfit, go change.”