Trendy Fashionistas aren’t typically difficult to come across at Ithaca College. However, with a blizzard brewing on the East Coast, most students are focused on bundling up as opposed to making fashion statements. Not to mention, many would-be Fashionistas quickly disappear to their dorms during the severe snow. This Fashionista stood out to me in a crowd of puffy coats due to her faux fur hood and perfectly paired boots.

Faux fur is a must, especially in the winter. I love this Fashionista’s jacket because it’s understated, yet still fashionable. Considering that most Ithaca students aren’t dressing up during this time of the year, this Fashionista was able to make a subtle but trendy statement. Warmth is also important during cold Ithaca winters, so this Fashionista made both a fashionable and functional choice.

Though this Fashionista’s look is very casual, it captures the style of a multitude of Ithaca College students. This Fashionista sported a major trend on campus by rocking her lookalike Timberland boots. Her checkered UNIQLO gloves also reflected the style of many Ithaca Fashionistas during this time of year.

Though it was clear that this Fashionista was warm with her faux fur jacket, fleece gloves and cute hat, other current trends on campus include oversized scarves and leg warmers. All of these options can be great additions to any outfit and are certainly utilized to keep warm during the rapid snowfall!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think a huge trend in fashion, at least for college and high school students, is wearing sweatshirts that represent a college. Even though some people might think it’s lazy, it’s comfortable. A lot of thought goes into what makes you comfortable.”