Who says the ’70s are long gone? This Fashionista sure doesn’t. Faux furs and flowing fabric are making a comeback, and this lady is at the foreground. Wondering how to work this “Santa Fe”, southwestern look into your daily routine? Look no further.

The draping of the faux shearling and the boxy, outlined suede create a folksy look that takes us back a few decades. The different fabrics flow together to make a look that is chic and modern. This look is bold and shows people you know exactly how to mix different patterns and fabrics. These jackets are versatile with looks that can be preppy-plaid or grunge in all black. Paired with the clutch and gemstone ring that match for a pop of color, this Fashionista brings the ’70s to 2015.

’70s themes, like bell-sleeved sweaters and fringed tops, are shining in the spotlight again. Designers like Kris and Laura Brock (yes, they’re business partners, and yes, they’re in love) bring the faux shearling look into their collection for New York Fashion Week this Febuary. This collection highlights “feminine Americana vibes” with modern day florals and tough combats. This style is comfortable and so easy to dress up for any occasion. Keep an eye out for more looks from these designers and rock the flower child vibe these garments exude.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You should always dress in a way that makes you feel good. The right outfit can be an instant boost to your self confidence and make you feel sexy or beautiful. Sometimes the perfect outfit is all you need to have a great day.”