STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashionably Prepared

It’s that funky time of year again when the weather can’t decided whether to grant us spring, or continue with the traitorous winter days. Times like this can make it hard on a Fashionista/o. However, it’s possible to strut both seasons while being fashionably correct.

Turbans are a great winter head accessory keeping your head warm and demanding confidence. This Fashionista wears her knit turban beautifully with a sporty-chic spring ensemble. The turban in this look not only makes the ensemble cohesive and creates a statement it also says,“ I prefer not to get sick when Mother Nature decides to snow next week.” These fashionable head accessories are perfect for bad hair days, days when it’s a little a chilly, or simply when you want to make a discrete fashion statement.

This Fashionista’s sporty-chic is paired wonderfully with her turban. The all-black ensemble with the pop of a light cream colored turban create a perfect spring sporty look. Now you’re probably wondering what makes this ensemble springy considering the dark colors. As we all know leather jackets are only good in the spring or fall seasons, along with leggings and a T-shirt. Because the turban happens to be a light soft color it works well for a spring look but being a knitted turban it also is perfect for winter. The Nike’s and leather handbag add both cohesiveness to the sporty look being achieved and great accessories. All in all this Fashionista has rocked the limbo weather look. Whether it’s 50 degrees in the daytime and 30 degrees at night, this Fashionista is well prepared for both.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Even when you don’t feel like getting dressed, look like you did.”