With the start of the spring semester, many look forward to being one more semester closer to summer and the warmer weather it brings. However, the midwest has some more quality time to spend with winter before that happens. Nonetheless, us Fashionistas/os embrace this weather and look to it as an opportunity to show our styles in all of our heavy layering and accessories.

This Fashionista is doing just that. Facing the brutal cold fearlessly in her fur coat, she adds to her outfit by sporting some dynamic double denim; both in her chambray top and winter white pants. This Fashionista’s brown fur coat caught my eye from across the quad, seeing the simple elegance that it brought to her entire ensemble. It’s a bonus when you can be warm but can also plug in your personal style. She added some fun Timberland-inspired booties that give the supreme elegance of the coat a casual overall look that is suitable for running around on a college campus. Starting at the end of last semester, I have noticed that fur has been getting back on everyone’s radar once again, ranging from vests to full-on coats. I think fur is fun in a way that it can add a level of sophistication to a casual outfit depending on what event you are going to. It not only adds some warmth, but also serves as a versatile piece that can be suitable for any occasion.

This look can easily be adopted into anyone’s wardrobe. Whether you are going to the library or hitting up downtown for a dinner date, solely focus on one fur piece and pair it with some denim and a casual button-up top, throw on some of your favorite booties that add your personal style and you’re good to go!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When adding a dynamic piece to your outfit such as fur, have the rest of your outfit add to the subtle elegance that the piece brings to your ensemble. Soft colors and casual layers work best with the sophistication that the fur embodies!”