STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashion Gets Personal

In the 1950s, teen fashion began to grow when young adults started to have money of their own. In the 1960s youth culture was at the forefront of fashion, and young adults were finally able to decide what they wanted to wear. They sought inspiration from movies and celebrities, making them the determinants of what is trendy. Today that is still true, but the term “trend” is used more loosely to describe certain cuts and styles, but people are not all dressing alike. Now, fashion is more about personal style and how each individual interprets trends within their own wardrobe.

This Fashionista clearly has a style all her own. The most prominent piece in her look is the sunglasses as the thick metallic rims give a more urban and modern twist to the iconic hippie staple. The next most notable aspect is her combination of black and white, a classic that has recently become trendier. However, she creates her own interpretation by combining black high-waisted jeans with a white blouse. The blouse itself is interesting because the lace collar and embroidery detail provide another vintage element to the ensemble. Some of these pieces, such as the blouse or red bag, were possibly thrifted and then mixed with modern pieces such as the sunnies and platform loafers. One of the best aspects of this Fashionista’s look is her scarf, which also goes with the black and white pieces. Summer scarfs are becoming more popular because they can go around your neck, head or waist. A scarf like this is more associated with French fashion, but also makes an outfit look more unique and refined.

Personal style can also be achieved through styling of an outfit. This Fashionista took a traditional blouse and gave it an edge by tying it at the bottom. She also decided to wear loafers, a flat that is also on-trend. But, she found platform loafers that give her the height of a heel and maintain a casual vibe. She also incorporates many other trends such as the boho look with her sunglasses, and a few beauty trends such as her styled eyebrows and lavender dyed hair. Her outfit is an amalgamation of different decades, but through styling makes it modern.

Fashion is a reflection of the times so although trends come and go, personal style is eternal. Do not be afraid to take a trend and twist it on its head. If you need more convincing, check out what this Fashionista has to say!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to wear things that are a bit out there and you don’t have to follow the trends.”