There is no doubt that one of the biggest trends this fall and winter has been fur. Whether it be a cozy fur scarf, a warm fur vest or even subtle pieces like fur cardigans, fur is so in! Keeping warm while staying stylish can be done in many ways, but this season try incorporating a little fur into your wardrobe.

Typically when you think of fur you think of big fur coats and gorgeous fur vests. Fur is definitely something that will dress up any look in an instant. However, there are ways to use this trend in a way that completes your outfit without making a big statement. Fur cardigans are something to really keep an eye out for this season. They appear so cute and comfortable while also making you take a second look. They add texture and that little extra something to any type of outfit. Pairing one with a comfortable look can dress it up a bit; however, pairing one with a dress and tall boots can also keep your look sophisticated and casual. The greatest thing about these fur cardigans in my opinion is the level of versatility. They also have the ability to pull your eye towards them—like when I spotted this chic Fashionista!

This Fashionista decided to keep her look casual with jeans, booties, a cute top and a simple necklace. She added a subtle statement piece—a black fur cardigan. The maroon jeans and adorable booties make this look perfectly appropriate for the season and the white lacy scalloped top makes the fur cardigan really stand out with a contrast in color and texture. The color combinations work great because the maroon jeans perfectly accent the white top and black fur cardigan. The necklace has a certain pop of color that adds a little something different. With all the awesome pieces going on in her outfit, the cardigan still manages to tie it all together. It makes that subtle statement that some fur garments do not always provide.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Add something special to your outfit! Whether it’s a fur garment, sparkles or patterns, don’t be afraid to stand out.”