STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashion And Some Change

Being fashionable does not always mean you have to break the bank to do so. Fashion can sure as heck be cheap! I’m sorry, but we can’t all do as Kim Kardashian, buying couture pieces in the same fashion we buy our morning coffees (shout out to Starbucks!). I am not saying we can’t splurge on a few designer items here and there (if you got it, go right ahead), but there is a way to look absolutely fabulous without having to break the bank.

This is a trend that has actually been circulating around us college students for a while now because, you know, we are broke! Remember when the idea of thrifting first came out? This is the idea of going into thrift stores to scope out elements that can be put together to create a stylish outfit. Thrift stores are great places to find classic pieces and vintage items such as oversized cardigans and high-waisted denim, which you can do so many DIY projects with – distress them, cut them into shorts or dye them, just to name a few. If this is more your style, you should start here. If you are not a big fan of wearing something someone else already wore, try shopping in your local boutiques, especially if you’re in a college town. Stores as such cater to the college-aged students and usually have things that are relatively affordable. I know that here in Lubbock, because our mall is pretty worthless, there are a lot of shops like that, especially around our campus.

The first thing this Fashionista said to me was, “My whole outfit was cheap!” She has on a feminine denim blouse that she got on sale at Target for $13. Her eyelet lace skirt and her cognac ankle boots came from A’gaci. Her accessories came from a plethora of different places, but she got those all on sale, too.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Fashion is more about how you put something together and the confidence that shows when you wear it, rather than the hundreds of dollars you put into an outfit. If you try, you really can find some really good stuff out there for under $30.”