Plaid is and always will be a hot trend and will never go out of style. How did plaid become popular, you ask? In the 1500s, the Scottish originally defined the term, “plaid” as a Celtic kilt or blanket, which served as an outer layer to battle the Highland elements. The difference between tartan and plaid is that tartan is a “woolen cloth woven in stripes of various colors made of unique cloth patterns.” Back in the day, tartans were made to distinguish one Scottish clan or geographical region from another. Plaid is a woolen cloth that has a checkered or a tartan pattern. A perfect example of the tartan flannel shirt is the lumberjack.

In the 19th century, plaid made a leap from Britain to America and manufacturers created patterned fabric, which resembled tartan. In the ’70s, plaid became even more popular and everything from suits to interior design elements in homes featured the print. In the ’90s, the plaid flannel shirt became the ultimate grunge attire. What I love about plaid shirts is that you can wear them for all seasons and they match perfectly with any pair of jeans, pants or shorts and any pair of shoes.

This Fashionisto is sporting a casual outfit wearing a plaid flannel shirt with jeans and a pair of boat shoes. Having a plaid shirt like this is a must-have statement piece that you need to add into your closet because it’s warm, easy to wear and it comes in lots of colors!

For the unpredictable weather, plaid shirts can come in handy and could be your fashion lifesaver. In the summertime, I like to carry a plaid shirt when I’m out because it’s light, and I could just tie it around my waist if the weather is warm. It looks super cute with a simple white T-shirt and jean shorts. When the summer nights get chilly I can throw on the plaid shirt for warmth. You can also style up your outfit, adding a cardigan to the plaid shirt, and it will look super rad.

What I love about plaid shirts is how casual they are. Whether you’re heading to class, work or simply running errands, you’re going to be happy in a plaid shirt. It’s easy to wear and comes in lots of colors and patterns that you can choose from.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I find myself wearing a lot of button-down shirts here and there. It’s casual and comfortable, and I like wearing them in different patterns and colors.”