When I was younger, I hated when people would copy my clothing. My mom would tell me to feel flattered because it just meant that they looked up to me, but I would still feel completely unoriginal. Now I do realize that it is nice to have someone admire your style and want to copy your look, but I still don’t like showing up to class in the same outfit as the girl next to me! In order to keep my closet personalized, I shop in thrift stores and on to find original pieces that cannot be found in my usual shopping destinations (Free People, Revolve Clothing, Urban Outfitters).

The Fashionista pictured above also likes keeping her closet personalized. She is wearing custom Vans slip-ons that were painted by her boyfriend. Sure, he could paint another pair for someone else, but they will never be exactly the same as hers. The Fashionista paired her personalized Vans with a cute everyday outfit that doesn’t outshine the shoes. She wanted her special shoes to be the highlight of her outfit and if she were to wear a busy blouse, there would be less concentration on the shoes. The lace on her shorts, her necklace and her belt are just enough detail to make sure the outfit is not boring, but still simple.

I advise every Fashionista to have special pieces in their closets that nobody else can have. It’s exciting when something is exclusively yours and nobody else will show up to class wearing the exact same thing you are. I make my own jewelry, shop on and buy vintage pieces to keep my closet interesting. Not only is it awesome to have your own unique pieces, but it is also fun to go on treasure hunts for those special pieces that you can intertwine into your wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My outfit is something comfortable and casual that I could wear to work, school or out with friends. I like adding my own personal touches like my octopus Vans since they are my favorite animal and my boyfriend made them for me.”