The popularity of flannel has drastically grown over the years and during this winter season, especially when they’re made oversized! There are so many different ways you can dress with flannel tops including layering, dressing up or down and providing pops of color. Even famous individuals like the Kardashians or Selena Gomez still have to look fabulous and be able to move freely while avoiding the paparazzi. So why can’t we college students take that liberty as well?

Some of us have thought at some point that plaid shirts are reserved for lumberjacks. Sadly I was one of those people; however, my opinion has totally changed since I began seeing incredible Fashionistas/os incorporating these pieces into different styles such as grunge, preppy, glam chic and sporty. These tops come in all different shapes and sizes. My favorite style of shirt is probably the trapeze style, where the front is shorter than the back—this tends to look more feminine and complementary towards the body. Girls, don’t be scared to look in the men’s section to look at some of their oversized shirts, too!

This fun-loving Fashionista lives according to the mantra of ease and style. Texas weather is taking a major toll on our lives, including our fashion. We have to adapt everything according to the random cold and rainy weather. So this week, this Fashionista dressed according to all of the above… sporty, grungy and comfortably! She was prepared for the rain with her riding boots and black cardigan, leggings and ear warmers. The eye-catching piece, of course, is her shirt. It is a standout piece that draws the eye into the amazing fabric’s lines and colors. If you want to take flannel to the next level, pair the shirt with a skirt in order to dress it up with a nice pair of heels and a statement necklace. There are limitless possibilities and combinations of outfits if we have at least one of these flannels in our closets this season, but there’s no stopping you if you want more than one!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “[Flannel is a] very comfortable fabric. That’s why I love wearing it during the winter because it’s soft and comfortable!”