When you think of clothes that are worn during the winter months, sweatpants, sweatshirts and lots and lots of layers come to mind. Over the duration of the winter season, cute dresses and skirts hibernate in the back of the closet while the big sweaters and boots become the star of the show. Not that there is anything wrong with a warm, fuzzy sweater and boots, but as the cold drags on, those items become a bore. The dresses and skirts in the back of the closet are crying to come out and, once again, see the light of day, and your warm coat is dying to be paired with something new.

There is one simple solution—bare it all, embrace the cold and do not drop your unique sense of style just because the temperature outside did. I love wearing a dress just as much as anyone, but once it snows, my style becomes a monotonous pattern of anything but. Bare it all, just like this Fashionista. Wear your warm weather clothes in the winter and give them new life. Keep yourself warm, but still fashionable. She paired her favorite white dress with her army green anorak jacket and her Timberland boots. This simple, clean look is finished off by adding a single pandora bracelet. Her outfit is adventurous for the weather, but typical for her personal style.

People often stray away from wearing dresses or white in the winter, but when you think of winter, you think of white. For this Fashionista, pants are rarely ever put into consideration. Putting on layers and pants takes more effort than slipping on a dress or a skirt. The bright white is contrasted with the army green of the jacket. Match the practical, such as an anorak jacket, with a furry hood and Timberland waterproof boots. You may be surprised at what you discover.

You do not have to be as brave or as daring as this Fashionista and go out into the cold with bare legs. However, you could easily wear tights or leggings under your dress or skirt! Whatever you chose, do not lose your personal style underneath all of the snow.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear a cute coat to stay warm, with a cute dress to stay sassy and classy.”