July 29th, 2015 at 2:10am

When we see the words, “effortless-chic,” we always think about Parisian style or the model off-duty style. After browsing photos from celebrities, fashion bloggers and models in the Haute Couture Fashion Week, I found they all looked elegant with their hair done perfectly and impressive outfits. However, the effortless street photos are as cool as photo shoots from magazines because it provides us another sense of feeling. As college students, we might not have spent so much time doing our hair and choosing some sophisticated outfits. Effortless-chic look is ideal for everyday wear.

In this Fashionista’s look, there is one key element to achieve the look: mirror sunglasses. The cool color tone mirror sunglasses bring down the temperature under the sun in the summer. To match the dazzling sunglasses, the Fashionista applied a nude color lipstick to make the overall look more balanced. Despite of mirror sunglasses, we can also see wide-leg pants everywhere this summer.

There is no right or wrong in the fashion world. Anything you like that brings out your style is always a right choice. I am comfortable with wear leggings for my everyday look. After I tried the wide-leg pants, they immediately jumped to my top two favorite bottoms. Last summer, I was still obsessed with all-black sunglasses. After I tried the mirror sunglasses, I think it fits with all of my clothes and make them more fashionable. So, be bold on your choice of wardrobes. Fashion is also like a box of chocolate because you never know what you’re going to get.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always love effortless but chic style. A pair of stylish sunglasses is a great choice. No matter you are going to the gym with activewear or going to a rooftop party with cocktail dress. It fits in many styles and situations.”