We’ve all been there. The forecast said the weather would be absolutely perfect for the outfit you had planned, but when the actual day comes and you step outside, you realize you’ve been deceived (even if you still do look superb). Because no one likes to be taken by surprise, it’s necessary to keep your outfits versatile enough so that you’ll be prepared for anything at all!

This Fashionista is ready to adapt her outfit into two easily, while still rocking her edgy, casual look. Protecting her from any chill in the air, her simple denim jean jacket looks great when layered with a muscle T-shirt and classic black skinny jeans. But, if she gets slightly warm, she can easily remove the jacket and rock her outfit that can strongly stand on its own with the support of her neutral purse filled with helpful knick knacks and comfortable adidas Samba shoes that’ll help her run around her college campus.

The presence of layers is always a great way to ensure you can tackle anything that may happen, but be sure to not sacrifice style by layering with items that clash! You want to look great in any variation of the outfit you’ve chosen, so it’s best to first layer with neutral-colored or solid pieces. Keep the top layer simple and leave the bold pattern or color, like the Union Jack flag on this Fashionista’s muscle T-shirt, for the surprise underneath. That way it will be visible in both versions of your outfit and you’ll be ready to fabulously conquer anything throughout the day!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think people need to remember that you don’t always have to keep up with the current trends all the time. Live a little and wear quirky pieces when you feel like it. The best part about clothes is that there are endless possibilities and looks. You don’t need to be in fashion to have style so wear what you want when you want to!”