Admit it, we’ve all wanted the classic Blair Waldorf closet mixed in with a bit of Jenny Humphrey! For those who didn’t get the reference, I’m of course speaking of the television show Gossip Girl. Sure we watched for the drama, but we kept coming back for the new styles and trends our favorite character would be wearing. Blair always elegantly showed off her chic, clean and classic style, while Jenny rocked the edgy, grittier looks.

This Fashionista represents the best of both worlds. With her blue collared dress shirt, paired under a cream sweater, she’s got that classic, sophisticated, Waldorf look. By pairing it up with a leather jacket and leather pants, this Fashionista is showing off her darker side, mixing both chic and edginess perfectly together! I also loved that she chose to pair up this look with a beautiful vintage style backpack and flats with a hint of fringe. This Fashionista is on trend combining soft pieces with stronger ones, light colors with dark and old with contemporary.

While I love everything about this Fashionista’s outfit, her backpack is definitely steals the show. Not only does it bring out a different element to her outfit, but it’s a cute way to dress up a boring old backpack. This popular roll top styled backpack is a great way to store all of your items, while still staying fashionable and on trend. Her shoes also show off the little details to this outfit! This Fashionista could have settled for ordinary cream flats, but the fun fringe on top creates another cool dynamic to a clean and put together outfit. The easiest way to dress up an outfit without wearing heels is to find flats with a fun pattern or embellishment on top! Even though Gossip Girl may have taken place in New York, this Fashionista is bringing the Upper East Side style to the Pacific Northwest!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it simple and comfortable! My style is very simple and minimalistic.”