We’ve seen them quite often popularized in street style photographs or films pertaining to the previous famed decades. Françoise Hardy, who looked chic and fierce in glossy motorcycles in street photos from the ‘60s, wore these. The sensational Sandy Olsson, who rocked those magical scenes in Grease, also wore the very acclaimed piece of clothing. Yes of course, I’m talking about the legendary black leather jacket: a unisex and edgy garment. Apart from the feminized Chanel tweed jacket, inspired by masculine attire back in the ‘20s, there’s no other piece of clothing that has been as functional and as relevant for both genders. The classic black leather jacket has been with us for more than a century now. Originally worn by men in the First World War, the jacket was slowly adapted by women in society.

This fearless Fashionista, who took direct inspiration from the ‘50s, looks RAD with this simplistic black leather biker jacket. She managed to make the outfit a bit dressier with those bright red lips and matching heels, which makes it “casual dressy.” The uniform black pallet that the Fashionista offers consisting of black leggings and a blouse, can really create strong fashion statements. The Fashionista uses a plentiful variety of seasonal fabrics and cleverly uses emphasizing textures such as that weavy braided belt with a golden buckle that really make the outfit striking and more interesting. The golden buckle matches with those golden hoop earrings, and a sense of consistency is given.

Moving on to the whole essence of the look, the Fashionista nailed it by throwing in her favorite leather biker jacket, providing comfort and a black-on-black go-to statement. This is exactly what completely creates the significance within the jacket and makes it stand out. It is a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. Even if spring/summer 2015 did not especially bring this trend within the catwalk, the leather jacket is timeless and will always be seen in the streets, having a strong impact in everything you wear. It is those brave trendsetting street Fashionistas that influence the work of the most eminent designers nowadays.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice this week is for you to experiment new fashion styles and add a black leather jacket to any black outfit to make it more powerful. Have fun with it!”