Ladies, take notes, because this Fashionista is doing the transition from winter to spring right. Suddenly, it’s 60 plus degrees on Monday here in the ‘burgh, and we’re all like, “What? It’s not freezing? I’ll wear my jeans and sweater anyway, ‘cause it’s too quick to break out the shorts,” (I’m starting to feel like a weatherlady, always reporting on the weather in my posts). Yeah, that’s the safe way to go, but what about the short sleeve button-down you haven’t worn since last September (boys??)? Or the midi racerback tank dress you’ve yet to wear? Now is the time, people, and don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter in the spring-appropriate-outfits around campus.

When I saw this Fashionista, I was one: Jealous of her promptness of this outfit for the nice weather and two: Even more jealous of the adorable outfit she’d put together (it’s almost as if she’d had it hanging outside her closet just awaiting the perfect weather day to put it on display). It’s hard to choose what item of this outfit I liked best, but the shoes are coming up pretty close to first. I’ve been obsessed with ankle boots for a few years, even more so obsessed with this style including the elastic sides. To put me over the top on these ankle boots, the sole of them has a little more thickness than the usual boot of this style, giving them a sturdier look (I just love them).

The rest of this outfit is absolutely something I could be seen wearing come late fall/early spring (in fact, I’ll probably mimic it next week), as I’m a huge fan of thigh-high socks and layering sweaters over dresses. The contrast between the girliness of the bell-sleeved cream-colored flowy dress and the edginess of the black socks and leather boots is so smart and definitely a success. I love combining elements of different styles of fashion, and this execution was brilliant. The knee-high socks prevent us girls from having to wear tights when it’s too chilly for no leg coverage (on top of them being super appealing on), and the sweater overtop of the dress provides a nice alternative to a jacket and a good layer to shed once indoors.

Like I’ve probably made apparent, this outfit is skillful way to navigate the temperature changes, and I’ll be surprised if I don’t see every girl around campus mimicking this look next week (no I won’t, I know I don’t have that much influence, but a girl can dream).

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Embrace the warm temps and start incorporating your spring/summer clothes into your wardrobe pairing them with things like sweaters, cardigans, tall socks, boots and even the socks/sandals combo.”